Cão Solteiro & Minde Senior Actors Group (PT)

Hotel União


Tuesday, September 14th and Wednesday September 15th • 9.30 pm • Minde, Blackbox CAORG
Duration 1h
From 4 years old

Project with the local community.
Viewers are only allowed in the audience accompanied by a glass.
Meet the artists after the show.

A show/celebration constructed on the basis of three key elements:
1. Harold Pinter’s statement “The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember”.
2. Jill Scott’s song “Family Reunion”.
3. Seven people sitting down.

Cão Solteiro

Cão Solteiro is a house built in the interior of a shop and several heads. In this house, with thimbles and with care, with forks and with hope, we fabricate ideas, futures, beautiful objects, ugly objects, phrases, situations, other imagined houses, public secrets, personal maps, mirrors, emergency exits, debts, doubts, problems. Cão Solteiro is essential in its absolute uselessness.

Cão Solteiro is a coat to wear across the Winter.

The Minde Senior Actors Group
A group of old actors from the Minde Amateur Theatre, belonging to the Casa do Povo, are now returning to the stage at the invitation of the Festival Materiais Diversos in a project developed in collaboration with the Cão Solteiro collective.
Fine cuisine of various emotions. Family dinner. Memories filled with stir-fry fragments of time. Texts scattered to stray. Invented celebration. Bring a glass, a toast to the real characters: to the actors, to the public. Cheers!

On stage
Emídio Ferreira, Gil Ferreira Martins, Perpétua Maria Ferreira Martins, Maria Emília Morgado, José Pires, Maria Ilda Capaz, Maria Joana Vaz Neto
Off stage
André Godinho, Joana Dilão, Mariana Sá Nogueira, Miguel-Manso, Nöelle Georg, Paula Sá Nogueira, António Gouveia
Casa do Povo de Minde and the Boca de Cena Theatre Group
A performance by
Cão Solteiro & Festival Materiais Diversos